Help Me Get To 1?

I’ve been thinking a lot about humans lately and how invisible we are. Take 7 billion on the planet. Give or take a few million or billion. One of me. Probably throughout my lifetime so far maybe a few thousand people have come to know me one way or another. Maybe even 10,000! I […]

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Aviv Cake Shop

How to eat a danish in Melbourne?

Sounds easy but it’s not.

Melbourne is known for its quality bakeries and cake shops so it may be quite an exhaustive trip to eat a danish. You may eat hundreds of danishes before you eat a danish!


I told people the other day I was writing a little piece […]

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Last Friday Shabbat

This Shabbat was different, interesting and unique. I was excited and I had been waiting for it for a long time. I wasn’t aware of how long I waited until that morning. It occurred to me I have been waiting about 53 years, my lifetime.

I cannot recall when I have ever been to a […]

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Coles – Episode 3

Coles, in Elsternwick is a printing press for money. It’s a mint. The road outside is one lane each way with each side a parking lane. . Have a squiz at the pic and you do the math. The status hierarchy from right to left also indicates the sense of entitlement that is daily […]

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You know how we have favourite places around the world? Much like Toby’s Goodeats in Toronto (now deceased) or Codfather in Cape Town (very much un-deceased), well Monarch Bakery is like that for me in Melbourne.

It’s became ritual that after every alternate Shabbat dinner, we all drive to Monarch for coffee and cake. It’s […]

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Rach & I Went to Sydney

Rachel and I went to Sydney on the weekend. I am going to try describe what it is like to be so privileged that the word “king” is not just. I am listening to “Oh Wonder – Technicolour Beat” while writing this story. Music is necessary to calm me.

As one does, when organising a […]

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Hello, are you my family?

Last Friday, I lived. I met family I had heard of before and mostly what I heard was wrong. For as long as I can remember, about 50 years or so, my Dad’s side of my family was essentially hidden from me. As a toddler, I recall visiting Hannah Rivel and Aba Simcha in […]

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This is the physics of art. The embodiment of strength and power perfect for shopping at Coles in Elsternwick and taking kids to school. I salute the genius team of engineers who made you and clearly demonstrate the absolute understanding of what parking lot control and domination is all about.

Scooptram is the perfect name. […]

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Saturday Night

I knew Saturday night was going to be good when this Lamborghini had a parking ticket.

I enjoy going out on Saturday nights and last night we went to Brunswick Street. Landed up at Rue De Creperie. By all accounts an understated place which I think was on purpose. The crepe guy let the crepes […]

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The Levin’s Cadac Sunday Lunch

Sunday Lunch was always something to look forward to when Zaida (Yiddish for Grand Pa) came over, the patients had gone, I will explain, someone up the tipuana tree and Dad was pissed because he had to clean the pool again.

Zaida was a cool guy. He rocked up in his white Austin Minor which […]

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